Personal Branding Photoshoot - Ring Maker


Seriously, I love my job. I get to meet and photograph so many amazing people with amazing stories.

I recently photographed a southie (Born and raised in South Boston). He is a ring and a knife maker for 25+ years. Fun fact about him, he designed and made the sword in Blade Runner movie.

I visited his workshop in South Boston which is a photography heaven, so much character and so much grunge. I wanted to photograph him in his surrounding and him at work. These branding photos truly represent him and his hard work.

Check it out

Model Portfolio - Boston


Boston is the home to some of the best modeling agencies. Before approaching modeling agencies, you need a compelling portfolio. Images that describe you in varied outfits. All types of clients reach out to modeling agencies for commercial photography. Commercial photography client might be looking for someone to portray a nurse, or a realtor, or an athlete or just a girl next door. So your modeling portfolio should have images describing several genres so agencies can submit appropriate images.

When we photograph our clients for modeling portfolio, we start at beautiful outdoor locations around Boston area and go through several dress changes photographing and portraying our clients in different light.

The outdoor photography session goes in a very mild pace with lots of fun, chats and ofcourse, amazing photos.

Here is some photos from one of our modeling portfolio sessions

Corporate Office Branding

Boston Dental Office Branding

Busy corporate offices with busy office often dread the idea of taking extra time for photos, but our process and experience doing corporate photoshoot makes it super easy and fun. (We haven’t seen anyone pull their hair out, yet!)

Honestly, our process is laid out in a simple manner so that its easy for everyone.

Here is an example of a corporate office photoshoot we did for a dental office in Greater Boston Area for their website. We closely worked with the web development company to discuss layout of the website, color themes etc so the photo we capture match that.

Website often requires a lot of different kind of images for different sections

  • Headshot images for Meet our team” section

  • Group photo for banner images

  • Office photos - Indoor and Outdoor for placeholder images

  • Client interaction photos for services

We plan and capture it all, so that the website flows easily with the photos.