My name is Nandish Desai, best known for my friendly nature, incredible eye for detail and creative lighting. My goal is to create timeless images for you and your family, mixing photojournalistic style and guided posing throughout the wedding. I want to create images for you that will stand the test of time and will be cherished by your future generations. I serve clients all over the greater Boston area and New England. Out of New England? No worries, I will travel to your location. 


Stephanie + Matt

Scituate, MA

Sumana + Karthik

Wolfeboro, NH

Diana + Jason

Nortborough, MA




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+ What is your style of shooting?

If I had to decribe in 3 words, "Fun, Interactive and Relaxed." I mix photojounalistic syle and guided posing throughout the wedding so you not only have pictures for bigger moments but also of small intimate moments.

+ Have you shot at our location before?

Maybe or maybe not. I LOVE shooting at new venues and photographing at a venue with fresh set of eyes always invokes a lot of creativity. With my experience of shooting at different locations, I am confident I will do a good job documenting your special day. I usually location scout new venues prior to the wedding or by showing up early on the day of wedding, so that I know what the best spots are, for photographs.

+ What are your prices?

I would love to discuss rates with you. Trust me, I do. Although every wedding is unique and not every wedding fits in a package. So I need more information from you about the wedding (location, date, times etc) and then I can give you an accurate quote. Best is to submit the contact form and I can get you the prices right away.

+ No seriously, What are your prices?

I get it. If you insist, my wedding packages start at $2000 and go up from there. We are losing human connection in this internet age. Seriously get in touch and I will explain you all details.

+ What will you wear to shoot?

Depends on the type of wedding. If its a black-tie wedding, I will dress all black with a coat and tie. If its semiformal, I dress all black. Rest assured, my second shooter/assistant and I will always dress professionally.

+ How long before I get to see my photos?

Trust me, I am uber excited to show the couple pictures from their special day. I try to do my best to edit them as soon as I can. Usually wedding photos take about 4 weeks to complete.

+ Do you deliver every image you shoot?

Super simple answer - NO. Let me explain. I delete duplicate shots, test shots, missed focus shots, shots with weird expressions and any shots that might dilute the overall quality of photos. Sometimes, I am shooting with super shallow depth of field, so I take several exposures to make sure I get perfectly focussed shot. I delete the missed focus ones. To capture the moment, sometimes I burst shoot, so later I eliminate duplicates.

+ Do you touchup all images you deliver?

Ofcourse. Every image I deliver goes through post production. This involves color correction, exposure adjustments, black and white processing, color toning, clarity adjustments and other coreections. I believe in delivering a finished product. Album images may undergo another round of post production.

+ I am working on a tight budget, will you give me discount?

My packages are carefully designed and priced according to their value. So short answer is "no". But every wedding is unique, talk to me and I can design a package that fits your need.

+ Do we need a second shooter?

Second shooter although valuable is not necessary. Second shooters help give a different vantage point to images and can shoot from different angles to give a different perspective. Also, during rush, the scond shooter takes care of detail shots, table shots etc, so you have the whole wedding covered.

+ Do you offer albums and what are they like?

I abso"freaking"lutely do. Holding a wedding album is such an amazing feeling. I work with a few professional printing labs that specilze in album printing for wedding photographers. I can show you samples of my wedding album at the consulation.

+ I can't find answer to my question, what do I do?

No worries at all, fill the contact form and I will answer all your questions. :)