Neha's Glamour Session

Going in to a photoshoot I prepare for so many things, I help my clients with ideas on how they want to be photographed, what wardrobe would suite them the best, what poses I should be doing, what kind of lighting would suite the client the best, what type of music to play, what backdrop to use etc etc, but the MOST IMPORTANT thing I keep in mind during or before a photoshoot is CONNECTION. 

I feel like if I can CONNECT with my client during a photoshoot, make them feel comfortable and natural in front of my camera, I can get out their true personality and show HOW SO BEAUTIFUL they are through my photos. I want to make the photo session about THEM, and I if I make and feel them beautiful, I would consider that a SUCCESS. 

Such was this photoshoot with Neha, we CONNECTED so well during the shoot. We went through several wardrobe changes, several lighting changes, but connected really well throughout the shoot. 

There is no such thing as being photogenic. I feel and believe that a person photographs best when they are comfortable in front of the camera and are guided correctly. That is my job to make you feel comfortable and help you be yourself. 

Check out the photos from the session with Neha. Hope you like them as much I do. :)

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