Madhu - Pankaj Family Photoshoot - Boston, MA

As a portrait photographer in Greater Boston area over 4 years, I often cross paths with people/clients who have a beautiful story. When they hire me as their photographer, I try to bring their story out. 

Such was Madhu and Pankaj's photoshoot. Madhu said that after their marriage and kids, they got so busy, so busy that they never a professional portrait shoot done of their family. They have a wonderful family, Madhu is super energetic, always smiling and Pankaj has this sauve personality and an amazing sense of humor. And their kids are wiz kids, super intelligent and very well mannered. 

I wanted to bring their bonding for each other and their individual personalities out through this photoshoot and create classic portraits for them in their own house / backyard that they can print and display on their walls. (SIDE NOTE - They purchased my highest package along with a beautiful 16x24 family picture to display on their walls.)

Here is their picture after the reveal session and Madhu's testimonial. :)


"Nandish is excellent and very professional. He did an amazing job with my family photoshoot!!!! we will certainly have him come over for all our future milestones!" - Madhu