Vijit + Khyati Maternity Shoot

You have no control over mother nature, Boston Creme Donuts and icecream, what you do have control over is photography technique, lighting, posing and composition. ;) Such was a day for the maternity shoot of this lovely couple and my dear dear friends. The day started off with nice sunshine in the 70s with no breeze, but by the time, we were about to shoot, it had turned cloudy, windy, cold and drizzly. Also, it was her 8th month so I had to make sure to not stress her out. Between, my light stands falling off due to the wind, her hair blowing all over her face and wifey and I lugging my ugly looking photography cart in a crowded place, we had this awesome couple, so much in love and so so excited for their first born. 

Here are some of the images we created. ENJOY!

"To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven."