Seema & Raju's 25th Anniversary

"Good relations just don't happen. They take time, patience and two people who truly want to be together.." I stumbled upon 2 people, Seema and Raju, when I got a chance to photograph their 25th Anniversary. 25 years of togetherness is like #relationgoals right there. They had the same spark and silliness they would have had 25 years ago. 

The event started with me and my wifey/assistant/soulmate got to their house to take formal portraits because they wanted family portraits with their 2 lovely pets, Roufus and Migey who couldn't attend the event. 

Formal Family Portraits

After the family portraits, we rushed to the event venue to capture details before anyone gets in. I love to document details and decorations, simply because it reflects the hardwork and effort people put in to make the night special for the couple.


After the details, we still had time for guests to arrive, so we took the couple out for 5 mins and took more portraits for them.

The PARTY starts with a grand entry of the bride and groom party. 

Entry of the bride and groom side of family and the bride and groom themselves. 

Some candids of close family. 

Indian garland exchange ceremony. The couple had the same enthusiasm and fun of a newly wed.

Speech and song by groom's mom. 

Some more speeches by family members and the couple's reactions. 

I love capturing dance photos. People are just carefree and their most fun and natural self. This party had an amazing group of people who absolutely loved to shake a leg. And the absolutely amazing DJ Rishi played some outstanding music. 

More dance. 

Even MORE dance. 

Working events is hard work. You always have to on your feet ready to capture anything and everything, worry about your camera setting, exposure, light, expressions but at the same time its the most rewarding as a photographer. You create imagery that the family would cherish for a very very long time. 

"Forever is a long time, but I wouldn't mind it spending by your side.."

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