Sweet 16 Birthday Photography of Saniya

Event photography is the genre of photography I really really (emphasis) enjoy. You meet so many new people and get a view in to their natural self, having fun, worry free. On March 26th, I had the pleasure to photograph the Sweet 16th Birthday of this amazing girl, robotics champ, Saniya. Saniya is wonderful girl and her family are the nicest people around. 

Every event I photograph I get to the venue wayyyyy before anyone is there. Simply because I want to capture all the little details and showcase the effort the parents have put in making the event memorable for their loved ones. Here are some of the details I photographed

This is followed by portraits of the person for whom the event is and their family members. I like to do that since this gives the family portraits they can cherish and display on their walls for a long time. 

Capturing candid photos during the event is another part I really really (emphasis) enjoy. With a longer lens, this lets me stay in oblivion at a distance and capture these priceless moments. 

I, sometimes even setup a short and sweet photobooth to capture some family and friends moments.

... And now, come my favorite part of the event, DANCE. And when it comes to Punjabi's, they know how to dance. 

After tirelessly working for 5 plus hours, and clicking hundreds of images, I walk away happy and satisfied that I was able to make my clients happy and create imagery for them that they will cherish for a lifetime. :) :)